Storytelling - «How to start your success story?»
Nowadays, people don’t buy goods, they buy ideas these goods are wrapped in. If you want to be best-selling, you need to not only raise customer awareness of your brand, but also to trigger appropriate emotions. Storytelling is one of the ways to achieve this goal and literally means «narrative». Storytelling doesn’t plainly say «Buy» or «Do»; it models the need, both rational and emotional. It implements an idea, just like in the Inception movie. It’s all about...
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Разработка канвы ценности
«Who are you making a mobile application for?» it is one of the most important questions our team asks at their first meeting with customers. When answering this question, most people resort to the concept of target audience. They identify gender, age, location, average wage, interests etc. Everything is reduced to «filtering» people according to reference values, as it is done by a computer when analyzing big data: if «0» doesn't fit, «1» fits.  
So, who are...
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Mobile Market Research
In this article, we will introduce you to one of the most important stages of launching any project, application or startup, and also talk about how our team, OnCreate, conducts and implements market research.
Market research is a set of methods and techniques that are aimed at studying and analyzing the current situation in the market and in the marketing environment of your product.
Why is it so important? Let's look at it from a different perspective. You have...
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