Firebase is a powerful platform for mobile apps development, support and analytics. Over 20 available tools and services make Firebase an indispensable assistance in mobile apps development and launching. We can state with confidence that most international projects to various extents use this service in their apps. Firebase is a part of the Google ecosystem, which, in turn, makes it possible to natively use it in Android apps. For iOS apps, Firebase provides an own SDK, which is easily integrated and has all features available for Android apps.

Let’s take a look at what services and tools Firebase have to offer for mobile apps creating and development. For client-server solutions (which are a majority nowadays), Firebase provides cloud technologies for data storage and management. For apps creation, Firebase offers:

Real-time database. The NoSQL database is located in the cloud. It makes it possible to store and deliver data to users. Let’s look at a mobile app for viewing photos as an example. Users have access to a photo gallery; to save space, be able to update photos in the real-time mode and deliver new ones, it will be a right decision to use a database.

Cloud storage. It is a necessary tool for serving users and storing their personal data. Let’s take a look at a social net mobile app. To store the app content (users’ photos, videos or music, and their messages), it’s necessary to use data storage.


Hosting, which makes it possible to create web applications and landing pages for mobile apps.

Authentication, which is a solution that allows for an easy app registration via a mobile phone, email or accounts available in other services.

Machine learning, which implies AI mobile apps implementation, training and own models development. Machine learning can be used, for instance, for images classification, which makes it possible to exclude “manual” verification and save time and expenses.

Cloud Messaging (PUSH-notifications), which ensures the possibility to send local notifications to users’ mobile devices. Local notifications are notifications that come to users’ phones on the app’s behalf (app installation is mandatory).

The advantage of Firebase lies in the fact that most projects don’t need to develop and adjust their own server – everything is available on Firebase. All connections and information exchange are carried out after protected protocols.

In this article, we overviewed all Firebase basic services and functions for mobile apps creation. Read the next part to learn about Firebase tools of mobile apps launching and support.