In this article, we will introduce you to one of the most important stages when launching any project, application or startup, and also talk about how our team, OnCreate, conducts and implements marketing research.

Marketing research is a set of methods and techniques that are aimed at studying and analyzing the current situation in the market and in the marketing environment of your product.

Why is this so important? Let's look at it from a different angle. You have an idea about a mobile application but you roughly know or just guess "where"? and "who"? will use it, "where?" and "how?" learn about him, "where?" and what?" there are similar or even fully functional similar solutions. Unfortunately, our experience suggests that most projects reflect on these issues after the mobile application development phase. And only then, it turns out, that the application needs to add a function for choosing a location, or that competitors have support for playing video files, but you didn't even think about it.

The main goal of marketing research in OnCreate is to prepare well in advance even before the development of the project and the start of advertising campaigns. Marketing research is an analysis and collection of all the necessary information that is needed to create a brand, develop landing-page, ASO, SEO, marketing strategy, SMM, start advertising. Marketing research will give you complete and systematic information about:

- future users of your mobile application, i.e., about the target audience (TA) and its features, demographic and behavioral parameters, all kinds of preferences;

- detailed analysis of individual segments of TA;

- competitors: their pros, cons and unique functions;

- the marketing situation in the market: the number of advertisers in your niche, traffic channels and competitors' ads, the cost of advertising campaigns;

- the content and text component of the project: the main trends in the market, the popularity of certain categories of content among target audience, the ranking of keywords in the search and application market (the semantic core of the project);

- Your mobile application in the form of a value proposition.

Marketing research will help to take into account all the features of TA even before the stage of active development, which in the future will significantly save the budget from unplanned functions and time for decision-making.

Consider each of the stages of the marketing research in more detail:


Target Audience Analysis

A mobile application is a whole business, and in any business, project or startup, the most important thing is understanding "who your customer is?", "where he is?", "what he does in his free time?", "what kind of music he listening?" - There can be countless such questions.

Search and analysis of the target audience is the stage at which you will receive complete information about your potential customers:

- demographic indicators: gender, age, location; 

- interests and preferences; 

- position and place of work; 

- the main pages on the social networks to which they are subscribed and what actions they perform on social media.

You can already apply the obtained information in: planning advertising campaigns, determining a budget for marketing, creating an SMM strategy, and in many other stages of developing and launching an application.


Development of customer profiles

The client profile is structured and describes in detail each segment of users of your application. For example, a business owner or university teacher, a logistics specialist or a truck driver, and so on. There can be several client profiles and, just such an approach, segmentation, will allow you to identify and understand the most important consumer - the one for whom you came up with and create your mobile application.

Client profile consists of:

- client tasks: what clients want to achieve in their life, at home, at work; 

- pain: what customers are afraid of, their poor results, risks and obstacles; 

- advantages: goals and benefits that customers want.

Looking ahead, I would like to say that, having determined the main client profile, at the very beginning we put in the application those functions, advantages and painkillers that not only cope with all the tasks and pains of the consumer, but also give him real value.


Competitor analysis

With starting a business or a mobile application, it is not enough to focus only on the user. You must know everything about your competitors and always be one step ahead. Why is this so important? Everything is very simple: people don't need good products that are uniquely branded, they need unique products that are well-branded. The search for uniqueness is not only an analysis of the needs and pains of your consumers, it is work on the mistakes of competitors, their strengths and weaknesses.

Competitor analysis is not just a search for similar applications in the App Store or Play Market. This is a collection of all information about each competitor separately, about each of its platforms, resources, traffic channels, its positioning, users and much more.

At the stage of competitor analysis, you will receive complete information about each similar application or project:

- features and positioning; 

- unique selling proposition; 

- interface, design, usability (usability), shortcomings, unique functions;

- ASO quality: icon, name, subtitle, screenshots, description, keywords; 

- traffic channels, presence of FB advertising, Google;

- the number of installations and user reviews in application markets;

- the presence of a web resource: design, text, SEO;

- the presence of SMM and much more.

If you don’t think up, don't make your product unique today - tomorrow someone can do it for you.


Analysis of key queries in the search and application markets (App Store, Play Market)

If you want to create a huge information field around your mobile application, brand, business, then you should always be aware of “What are users looking for?”, “How are they looking for it?”, “What are they interested in?”. Analysis of key queries will give you an understanding of how best to talk about your application and how to present it in a particular resource.

Search and analysis of key queries is one of the main stages of optimizing a mobile application or website in search (ASO, SEO). They are used to increase the efficiency of organic traffic and increase the visibility of the application in the search. Users are constantly looking for something on the Internet: answers to questions, products, tools, services. They may well find your application on their own and make a free conversion for you. This type of traffic is called organic. Optimization of the application (website) is done once and works to attract consumers from the search for more than one month.

In the future, we apply the analysis of key queries in such stages as: creating a marketing strategy, calculating the budget of advertising campaigns, writing articles in a blog.


Development of a value proposition. Compliance

Having defined all the features of TA, having developed client profiles and having analyzed all competitors, we proceed to the last stage of marketing research - the development of a value proposition and compilation of compliance.

A value proposition or value map is a detailed and structured description of the functions, features and capabilities of your application. A value map consists of goods and services, painkillers and benefits. We develop and describe each element of the value proposition taking into account the analysis:

- goods and services - this is just a list of those functions and features of the application that are available to the user; 

- “painkillers” - solve certain problems of the user and “quench his pain”;

- benefits - what users get from your mobile application.

Compliance is the definition of the main segment of the target audience (client profile). We check your value proposition for compliance with each developed client profile. Correspondence is achieved when the value proposition fully satisfies the consumer: solves his important tasks, satisfies pain and creates benefits.

All the work done on marketing reaserch is done precisely in order to achieve compliance and find the nominal “that” user for whom your mobile application will become a real value.



After marketing research in OnCreate, you will have a complete understanding of “Who is your main customer?”, a ready-made correspondence of the value proposition to the main customer profile, and complete documentation that is necessary to create a marketing strategy, develop ads, optimize, and many other stages. As a result, you will have a pdf-file in your hands, which will contain:

- analysis of the target audience by demographic parameters; 

- ready-made client profiles of your consumers;

- full analysis of competitors;

- analysis of key requests in the Play Market, App Store;

- structured description of the product in the form of a value map;

- ready-made correspondence of the value application to customer customer profiles.

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