The App Store counts over 1,8 million apps that are used by half a billion visitors every week. This platform is used by multiple-scale app developers to propel their businesses. Small business has been a major driving force for the App Store development since its opening in 2008. Nowadays, small businesses play an even more important role for society through helping people take care of their health, study, socialize and have fun.

Early this month, Apple launched a program for developers that seeks to support small businesses and individual developers. The program is expected to encourage innovations and help create a new generation of apps. The App Store Small Business Program will be suitable for most developers whose income has reached $1,000,000 over the previous calendar year. Small businesses and individual developers can invest savings into their business or use them for staff expansion to ensure the possibility to create more innovative opportunities for app users across the globe. 

Under business adjustment to the virtual environment connected with the pandemic, app significance has reached a new level, and a lot of small businesses have launched own apps or enforced their presence on the digital market so that not to lose customers and their own role in various communities. Thanks to the rate reduction, small businesses and motivated entrepreneurs will have more resources for investments and business development in the App Store ecosystem.

The underpinning value of the App Store team has always been customer and developer trust. Apple seeks to provide developers with appropriate tools which are able to turn the brightest ideas into revolutionary apps. The platform operates across 175 countries, is available in more than 40 languages and supports over 180 local payment options and 45 different currencies. Only in 2019, the App Store ecosystem gave global entrepreneurs an opportunity to earn 519 billion dollars, and over 85% of this sum belongs solely to third-party developers and companies of different scales. The New App Store Business Program for supporting small businesses and individual developers leans on this progress and allows for taking new steps in the world of e-commerce, creating innovative apps, developing new businesses and supporting small companies and individual developers that create useful apps for Apple users.

Source: Apple