Thanks to its unique features, augmented reality doesn’t compete with VR, but works as a separate trend. Nowadays, AR is a convenient and quite multifunctional technology. It can be used to quickly transmit information, demonstrate machines’ operation, arrange creative performances and develop unique online-games. Another important AR feature is a budget-saving potential. AR makes it possible to save money on various resources - from paper to staff. Augmented reality is the latest trend, and more and more companies opt for it as a promotion tool. Below, we’ve prepared several cases of using augmented reality for mobile apps that your business can benefit from.


Do you run industrial production?

The #AR Calendar Case

Create an augmented reality calendar. Thanks to an AR app, your corporate calendar can inform your customers about your business in an interactive mode, take them to a 3D-tour, show a company videoclip, share contact information and a lot more.

This solution will perfectly work both for small, and for big businesses. This calendar will definitely raise customer and partner interest in your business and produce a WOW-effect.

But that’s not all! How about some useful tools? Just imagine that you can synchronize a wall calendar with your Google of Apple calendar and see a to-do list right on the wall.

A good example is the Zaporizhstal AR augmented reality mobile app our team has developed for the Zaporizhstal factory. This calendar gives users access to the latest Zaporizhstal news, environmental and social activities, factory and city events. To view animated clips, videoclips and other content, users have to hover their smartphones over the corporate calendar, scan the objects and interact with them.


The #AR Glasses Case

You communicate the main messages via an extraordinary approach that’s remarkable and spread as word of mouth. If your factory has something that’s impossible to show or represents a threat, do it via virtual reality glasses.

Let others see the factory right from above the dangerous molten mass, or show a section of your sophisticated lathe to explain how it works. If working with expensive equipment is risky, make its virtual model to train your staff.


Are you involved in photography?

The #AR Photo Case

We’ve prepared a video that demonstrates how live photos work on a mobile device. Just imagine what opportunities are available to the owners of this app! You’ll be able to demonstrate your goods and services in the most unique format.


Do you own a coffee shot? Then the following case is right up your street

The #AR Menu Case

Suppose your customer enters your coffee shop or approaches a MAF. You can offer a unique range of not just a menu, but of a virtual menu. The user takes out a phone with the Your AR Coffee Shop app and hovers it over the very sales point or any other labelled image; the app recognizes the label and shows drinks that are available here, their cost, and extra services.


The #Wish Glass Case

Another idea is a wish glass. Each cardboard glass will contain an AR Ready label: download the Your AR Coffee Shop app and see what’s here. The user hovers a smartphone over the label and gets either a wish for the day, or drink information, or a random discount which can be saved to the app, and present it with the subsequent purchase, but not later than in 7 days.


The #AR Bag Case

Suppose your customer buys coffee beans. You give them out in a bag or a box that contain very little information and a big Your AR Coffee Shop label. When the customer hovers over it, they see an interactive menu with coffee recipes from all over the world (it’s possible to click on the recipe, view the article and save it to favorites), learn how this coffee was grown and prepared (it’s possible to even feature a 3D video on top of the box).


Do you own an offline retail shop?

The #AR Leaflets Case

Print out not just leaflets, but leaflets that come alive. Your video-clip is attached to the leaflet surface through your smartphone, which makes a combination of online and offline. Your video-clip is viewed right on the street. It’s unforgettable when not done by everyone. Your company augments reality.


Do you manufacture toys or publish children’s journals?

The #AR Puzzle Case

Create a puzzle that comes alive. Assemble the puzzle and show its 3D picture to a child. Make characters come alive via AR technology.


Run a construction company?

The #AR House Plan Cases

Show standard house plans in a 3D-format. You provide a printed floor plan, and the customer can use a mobile app to see its multi-sided image. You can visualize an apartment, a house and a plan so that the customer thinks it’s worth buying!


Do you sell furniture or build houses?

The #AR Furniture Case

Will the couch fit in the room? Will the wall color match this wardrobe? Does it sound familiar? Just open the app, choose a piece of furniture and attach it to a point in the room. You can instantly estimate arrangement and composition, choose color and type. Where to order? This question is unlikely to arise if a couch is placed in the corner as if it’s always been there.


The cases above are a good example of what objectives can be accomplished via AR-technologies. These are just a few options of how to make your business recognizable and remarkable. Our team specializes in solutions that make it possible to create AR-apps for iOS and Android devices. If you wish to create competitive advertising campaigns, effectively present your products and attract new customers, if you want your customers and competitors to vividly discuss your business, contact us, and together, we’ll create an effective platform for your business.