It’s hard to imagine a modern smartphone owner who doesn’t use any single mobile app. It’s no surprise, as a mobile app is a quick and convenient way to perform a certain action on the Internet without taking any particular effort. Nowadays, it’s easy to call a cab or order flowers delivery, book a hotel or buy concert tickets, etc. But this is not an exhaustive list of mobile apps’ features; besides, not all of them are created for mainstream audience. A part of them find their special place in business and are intended for a narrow circle of people. These are the so-called corporate applications – a special platform that provides space for efficient team collaboration, enhances work pace and improves its quality.

Why does a company need a corporate app and why is it so effective?

First off, such apps enhance productivity and facilitate the performance of various routine tasks. For instance, to coordinate a monthly content plan, a team member doesn’t need to meet with senior managers in person. It’s enough to reach them via the app. The same is true for submitting vacation applications, sick leaves, etc. Consequently, team members save time and nerves, which makes them more productive at work.

Quick feedback. It’s noteworthy that appropriately arranged communication within a team greatly improves the quality of work. It’s commonly known that poor communication can get team members to accumulate various questions and challenges that are eventually postponed, which is totally unacceptable for businesses, as time is money. Consequently, wasting time may negatively affect the company’s performance. Corporate apps can come in handy here as well. For instance, in this app, it’s possible to create chats for various complaints, questions and discussions, which will make problem solving more effective and improve communication within the team.

Here’s another important thing: corporate apps provide real-time information. Prompt team members notification about the latest news or updates is a “must”, especially when it comes to big companies. Instead of emailing the necessary information, it can be posted in the app, where everyone is sure to see it immediately.

Another advantage is usability and functionality. Just imagine that only a few years ago corporate apps were an extra tool to give team members access to work-related information. Nowadays, business apps are regularly improved and become more and more in demand.

Corporate apps protect both corporate, and personal data. The app may feature a blacklist, access to information and its encryption as well as user verification request. As to personal data, most team members want to make sure the company doesn’t control their personal details. Therefore, isolated work of corporate apps is now trendy.

Corporate mobile apps automate numerous business processes, make it possible to track company’s transportation, monitor company’s performance... But that’s not all. An important function of a corporate app is team building. With the help of corporate apps, it’s possible to not only exchange contacts, learn corporate news (successful projects, sports achievements etc.), but also plan loyalty programs for the whole team: workshops, fitness center memberships… All this will raise the team’s motivation.

Each company is trying to make a corporate mobile app unique. There is a number of functions that are available in almost every mobile app: a corporate chat or an internal social network; a customer interaction chat; task management and distribution tools; team members’ profiles with a team member’s card; analytical tools; reporting tools; automatically and semi-automatically fillable templates; a codes scanner or goods recognition tools; third-party services integration, a many other services the choice of which depends on the company’s needs and activity area. Yet, it is essential that a new tool be beneficial and efficient.

According to the latest findings of Harvard University professionals, corporate apps integration makes it possible to:

  • Accelerate access to the company's database by 71%.
  • Cut expenses related to business trips and connection by 68% and 48%, respectively.
  • Improve paperwork management by 63%.
  • Raise team members’ satisfaction with their work by 56%.

Our team develops apps for companies. One of the brightest examples is CS Project, thanks to which users can get real-time notifications from the Construction Department and prevent problems on a construction site. Besides, the app contains a lot of useful features for working team arrangement: an internal messenger, a file storage, a work plan, etc.

CS Project

Based on our experience, we can say that a corporate app can be highly beneficial to the company and its team. The app optimizes the company’s performance and raises team members’ motivation. If you’ve decided to create a corporate app, the first thing you need to do is determine the scope of tasks it’s supposed to perform and make up the necessary requirements. The rest is a responsibility of our professional team.