Almost everyone needs help when it comes to keeping fit. Some try to lose weight or want to gain muscle mass. Others seek to work out more gradually and motivate themselves for more intensive training. Sports apps serve as a reminder of the goals that have been set and encourage people to pursue them.

Such apps are in demand not only among people who don’t practice sports on a daily basis yet, but also among sports clubs, fitness clubs, gyms, yoga centers etc. They vividly show visitors club’s equipment. An approach whereby a person combines trainer-assisted exercises in a gym and a sports app makes it possible to achieve the best possible results quickly and effectively.

So, let’s recall what a sports app is about.

A sports application is a program created to optimize training, improve physical abilities, and facilitate progress tracking. As a rule, each sports app features the following functions:

  • user account;
  • integration with external devices (watch, fitness tracker, laptop, tablet PC);
  • location detection and real-time operation;
  • sending notifications and reminders, and a lot more.

If you’re planning to develop such an app, our company can help you implement your idea. There are various types of sports apps, which differ in the purpose of their use. We will discuss each of the below.

Our team is experienced in developing training apps, which serve as an alternative to a fitness tracker. Such apps make it possible to plan keeping in mind user’s physical abilities. They can be used both in the office and in the gym during physical exercises.

Another type of such apps is an app for user progress and activity tracking. Such an app makes it easy to calculate training results and compare them with previous achievements: the number of sessions, working weight, distance covered, time spent in the gym, etc.

Besides, there are sports nutrition apps. Such an app is very convenient, as it helps track the number of calories consumed per day as well as make a list of foods to be bought. Such apps allow for adding internal communication channels where users can share recipes, advice, recommendations as to buying new foods, and describe their energy value.

There are wellness apps that work a bit differently. Instead of calculating results, the user can browse content related to yoga, pilates, muscle stretching exercises, etc. Such apps offer a lot of options for receiving online consultations from trainers and interacting with other users.

Multifunctional apps have recently gained particular popularity, as they combine multiple options: results calculation, video content, data and location storage, etc. Yet, certain users are quite negative about extra functions and often don’t use them at all. Instead, they prefer to install target programs that are a lot more comfortable to work with.

Let’s look at one of the cases. For instance, you own a fitness club. Creating an app for health and sports in your fitness club will be the right decision. Why? - you may ask. Because a mobile app will help significantly increase the number of customers and profit in a short time. How? Everything is quite simple.

The specificity of fitness apps gives customers an opportunity to: learn more about your fitness club; get and renew membership; watch tutorials; order training programs; enroll in personal training; sign up for massage and other additional services.

All this is available on one phone and within a very short period of time. Hence, once your customer gets membership, you can increase an average check for the account of other personal offers. Leave an application on our website to learn more about all these stages.