A domain name is an address of your project (a website, a mobile application) on the Internet. The domain name should be chosen carefully, as it will be available to users and through it, they will be able to identify your brand or project. The domain name is necessary for a website, client-server solutions (when a web-version of the project is available), mobile apps. It is important to mention that mobile apps should be named with a reversed domain name (e.g., com.appname.android).

To develop your brand and raise its recognition, it is common to choose a domain name that includes a company name written with Latin letters. Before using the domain name, it is necessary to get it registered and to choose an appropriate domain zone. 

  • If you run a global business and have a trademark, it is recommended to use the high-level domain – .com.
  • If your business is limited to the territory of a particular country, choose a domain zone for this country (.ru, .ua, .uk etc).
  • If it is a local business (in a particular region of a country), we suggest using the third-level zone, e.g., .kiev.ua, .dp.ua.

Today, there are over two thousand domain, and you can choose any depending on your business. The domain highlights the uniqueness of your Internet address. You can choose the domain depending on the project type, for instance:

  • info – for information resources and services
  • pro – for professionals in various fields
  • photo – for photographers
  • blog – for blogs
  • org – for all sorts of organizations
  • io – for IT resources and services
  • cc, co – for corporations
  • com – commercial companies
  • net – companies responsible for Internet availability (providers)
  • gov – government-owned organization
  • aero – companies and private individuals related to aviation
  • mil – US military companies
  • edu – educational institutions
  • int – international companies
  • museum – companies and private individuals involved with museum activity
  • travel – companies related to tourism

The choice of the domain zone is an important feature of the project which gives an idea of how global your business is and which category it belongs to.

The website’s domain name is also important for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (you can learn about SEO in our previous article). To raise the website’s position, it is possible to include into the domain name keywords associated with your project or put a major keyword, for instance, projectname-app.com.

The domain may often be occupied. Domain checking and registration can be done through various services – both global, and country-bound. To check the domain availability, you can use whois.net or name.com that will show you if the domain is available and suggest other options.

The domain name registration is an at-cost service; it is commonly known that popular domain names are purchased and then sold for huge sums of money. To avoid buying the domain name for lots of money, we suggest using additional prefixes or a different domain zone. For instance, a .pro domain zone will cost cheaper than .com.

If your customers make mistakes or you plan to transfer a project to a different domain, we suggest setting redirect. Redirect is redirecting between the domains. For instance, in Ukraine, Volkswagen uses a redirect from vw.ua to vokswagen.ua

In this article, we took a brief look at some major points related to choosing the domain name. If you still have questions or wish to register a domain name for your project – contact us!