How to promote your project. Product Hunt
There are a lot of articles, tips and cases on a successful Product Hunt-based project launch, analyzing which brings to the following conclusions: to run a successful campaign, it’s necessary to advertise the project launch through all available channels, ask colleagues, partners and users for help. It’s a very appropriate message, yet the amount of traffic you can bring to your page is not the only thing your campaign’s success depends on.
Let’s start with your...
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Corporate Applications Development
It’s hard to imagine a modern smartphone owner who doesn’t use any single mobile app. It’s no surprise, as a mobile app is a quick and convenient way to perform a certain action on the Internet without taking any particular effort. Nowadays, it’s easy to call a cab or order flowers delivery, book a hotel or buy concert tickets, etc. But this is not an exhaustive list of mobile apps’ features; besides, not all of them are created for mainstream audience. A part of...
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Firebase Predictions
Firebase Predictions make it possible to detect and create user segments that are the most likely to make (or not to make) a particular action in the application (for instance, make a purchase or watch a video). Firebase Predictions are based on machine learning: the system analyzes user behavior and predicts their further steps on the basis of the findings.
Predictions are available for iOS and Android apps. Predictions create dynamic user audiences that will complete (or...
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A/B Testing for Mobile Applications
To measure your app’s “success”, its viability and profitability as a business, it’s enough to track two indicators: Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) and Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). CLTV, customer lifetime value, is the profit user generates over the time of using the app. CAC is a user involvement cost. The difference between these two indicators lies in the project net profit. For a successful and profitable product, CLVT should be higher than CAC. Otherwise, the...
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Crashlytics for Mobile Apps
A smoothly working mobile app means happy users. App crashes affect a lot of factors: quality, conversions, feedbacks, and can occur for various reasons: updating separate module or SDK from the side of the services supplier, e.g., Firebase; server errors or server software update; changing dependences and device software update, etc. A post-development testing helps refine the app, detect critical crashes and errors on main devices. However, even high-quality testing does...
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