A Key to a Successful SMM Strategy
Just like any marketing channel, social nets require their own promotion strategy. To save your business from big financial and time losses caused by unsuccessful promotion, it is necessary to lay a solid initial foundation for your SMM. To do so, it is required to build a promotion strategy, and then to launch it. In this article, we well explain what an SMM strategy is and how it should be built.
An effective SMM strategy answers the following questions:
Who do you...
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Crashlytics for Mobile Apps
A smoothly working mobile app means happy users. App crashes affect a lot of factors: quality, conversions, feedbacks, and can occur for various reasons: updating separate module or SDK from the side of the services supplier, e.g., Firebase; server errors or server software update; changing dependences and device software update, etc. A post-development testing helps refine the app, detect critical crashes and errors on main devices. However, even high-quality testing does...
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Photo Editor Development Details
If you’ve decided to make your own photo editor, this article is what you were looking for!
First off, let’s revise what a photo editor is. A photo editor is a special program intended for creating and processing digital photos. Most photo editors lean on a raster graphic, whereby a digital photo represents a grid of color dots – pixels.
All photo editors can be subjectively divided into three types – basic software, software for professional editing of a big...
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Corporate Applications Development
It’s hard to imagine a modern smartphone owner who doesn’t use any single mobile app. It’s no surprise, as a mobile app is a quick and convenient way to perform a certain action on the Internet without taking any particular effort. Nowadays, it’s easy to call a cab or order flowers delivery, book a hotel or buy concert tickets, etc. But this is not an exhaustive list of mobile apps’ features; besides, not all of them are created for mainstream audience. A part of...
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Remote Config for Mobile Apps
To amend a mobile app (even at a low extent, for instance, to change the name of a button), it’s necessary to develop a new version, upload it to the app market and wait for testing. This procedure can take a few days, which may negatively affect the project and mobile business. Remote Config helps to avoid this need.
Remote Config is intended for changing the app’s logic and design without its redevelopment. It’s one of the Firebase’s cloud services available for...
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