Push Notifications and Cloud Messages
PUSH notifications are an instant messaging technology that sends the information from a mobile app to a user based on pre-set parameters. PUSH notifications are used to inform users about in-app events, content update, promotional offers, etc.; they can contain a heading, a description and an image and perform certain functions: open a particular app section or content.
There are two types of push notifications:1. Automatic, which come to the user on an event, for...
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Deep links for mobile applications
A deep link is an address that redirects a user to any place in the app (content, section, particular screen etc). Deep links look similar to a URL-address – a URL-scheme, for instance, mobileapp://my_content. Such links can be opened on a mobile device by mobileapp only on condition that it is installed and is able to process the link (there are commonly known deep links that can be processed by several apps, e.g., geolocation geo://, video video:// and so on). Deep links...
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Remote Config for Mobile Apps
To amend a mobile app (even at a low extent, for instance, to change the name of a button), it’s necessary to develop a new version, upload it to the app market and wait for testing. This procedure can take a few days, which may negatively affect the project and mobile business. Remote Config helps to avoid this need.
Remote Config is intended for changing the app’s logic and design without its redevelopment. It’s one of the Firebase’s cloud services available for...
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Firebase Overview: Analytics and Promotion
In two previous parts, we were focusing on Firebase features for developing and launching mobile apps. In this article, we’ll introduce to you Firebase tools used for product analytics and promotion - key milestones in building a mobile business.
– Events and Google analytics are used for user behavior analysis (e.g., time of use, involvement, the number of conversions) and give information about key in-app events (e.g., opening a particular screen or pushing a...
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Firebase Overview: Launch and Support
In the previous article we overviewed services and tools available in Firebase for developing and creating mobile apps. In this article, we’d like to introduce to you some basic Firebase tools you may need for launching your project and its further support.
– Crashlitics: real-time application crash reports make it possible to promptly detect user troubles (before they post negative feedbacks on the market) and fix them. At the app testing stage, it’s impossible to...
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