How to promote your project. Product Hunt
There are a lot of articles, tips and cases on a successful Product Hunt-based project launch, analyzing which brings to the following conclusions: to run a successful campaign, it’s necessary to advertise the project launch through all available channels, ask colleagues, partners and users for help. It’s a very appropriate message, yet the amount of traffic you can bring to your page is not the only thing your campaign’s success depends on.
Let’s start with your...
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AR: the technology of the present. How it works?
In the previous article on augmented reality we explored its history and looked at the concept of augmented reality. Below, we’ll take a look at how AR works and what its main types are. This will help you pick out the best way to use AR for your business.
There’s a general pattern of how AR is made: an AR device camera shoots a real-life object. Then, the device's software identifies the image, selects or computes an image-matching visual supplement, combines the real...
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Deep links for mobile applications
A deep link is an address that redirects a user to any place in the app (content, section, particular screen etc). Deep links look similar to a URL-address – a URL-scheme, for instance, mobileapp://my_content. Such links can be opened on a mobile device by mobileapp only on condition that it is installed and is able to process the link (there are commonly known deep links that can be processed by several apps, e.g., geolocation geo://, video video:// and so on). Deep links...
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About Traffic Sources and Mobile App Promotion
The mobile apps market is growing year after year. Mobile applications strengthen their position in various fields and become an indispensable part of our everyday life: cab services, ordering food, shopping, books, music, entertainment etc. The 2019 App Annie mobile apps market statistics is really impressive: 
204B downloads;$120B spent by users on in-app purchases;3.8 hours a day (on average) is spent by every person on using a mobile device;generation Z’s...
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Сontent Plan in Action
Just a couple of steps, and your content plan is ready.
Earlier we discussed what a content plan is about and what it is for. We touched on its main sources and types. And before proceeding to practice, let’s clarify the following:
The first thing to do is to identify your target audience. If you’re facing this for the first time, our article can help you find the answers to your questions. So, let’s come back to content plan creation. You need to have a clear...
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