Privacy Policy
We assume you all have come across such a document as Privacy Policy or, in other words, Personal Data Processing Policy. Obviously, very few people could handle reading it to the end. Frankly speaking, has anyone actually read it? Yet, alongside End-User License Agreement, this is one of the most important documents, which is a “must” for a mobile application.
Privacy Policy is a legal document that explains users what happens to personal data they submit.
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AR Apps Development. Business use case studies
Thanks to its unique features, augmented reality doesn’t compete with VR, but works as a separate trend. Nowadays, AR is a convenient and quite multifunctional technology. It can be used to quickly transmit information, demonstrate machines’ operation, arrange creative performances and develop unique online-games. Another important AR feature is a budget-saving potential. AR makes it possible to save money on various resources - from paper to staff. Augmented reality is...
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AR: the technology of the present. How it works?
In the previous article on augmented reality we explored its history and looked at the concept of augmented reality. Below, we’ll take a look at how AR works and what its main types are. This will help you pick out the best way to use AR for your business.
There’s a general pattern of how AR is made: an AR device camera shoots a real-life object. Then, the device's software identifies the image, selects or computes an image-matching visual supplement, combines the real...
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A Key to a Successful SMM Strategy
Just like any marketing channel, social nets require their own promotion strategy. To save your business from big financial and time losses caused by unsuccessful promotion, it is necessary to lay a solid initial foundation for your SMM. To do so, it is required to build a promotion strategy, and then to launch it. In this article, we well explain what an SMM strategy is and how it should be built.
An effective SMM strategy answers the following questions:
Who do you...
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Gripping Augmented Reality
A large audience recently encountered the concept of augmented reality (AR), when Google first showcased its Google Glass smart technology. Then, there was a time of virtual cat, bunny masks, and a lot more. Still later, it was a Pokemon hunt. At some point, Apple and Google showcased an ARKit and ARCore respectively, which lead to a number of new AR-powered games and apps, whose facilities are much wider and more beneficial for society than the Pokemon hunt. As it gained...
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