Social Networks will Work for your Benefit
Today, the Internet and social nets have become an indispensable part of our everyday life. With a fast advance of online technologies, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is gaining more popularity. Alongside a huge audience outreach and close customer interaction, SMM has a number of advantages. Let’s look at some of them:
Raising brand awareness: to reach as many potential customers as possible, it is important to create accounts on various social media. Use those...
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Firebase Overview: Creation and Development
Firebase is a powerful platform for mobile apps development, support and analytics. Over 20 available tools and services make Firebase an indispensable assistance in mobile apps development and launching. We can state with confidence that most international projects to various extents use this service in their apps. Firebase is a part of the Google ecosystem, which, in turn, makes it possible to natively use it in Android apps. For iOS apps, Firebase provides an own SDK,...
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The Process of Mobile App Development
Developing an application is a time-consuming process comparable to starting the entire business. The whole team is involved in the development. Each team member is a specialist in their field and solves their tasks on maximum.
Project success is creating appropriate milestones. Over 5 years of work, we have identified an effective strategy we adhere to when working on each project. We would like to share this knowledge so that you can create a really good product and...
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